Charter Members
The Rotary Club of Jamestown was founded on June 17, 1919, by these civic-minded individuals:
Fred Balcome, Publisher of the Morning Post
Robert  K. Beach, Publisher of the Morning Post
W.T. Butz, Adding Machine Business Operator
L.J. Davey, New York Telephone Company
I. Leonard Dave, Bradstreet
Charles Haas, General Building Contractor
Henri M. Hall, Publisher of the Journal
E. C. Hunt, Candy Maker
George F. Hurlbert, Hotel Manager
William J. Lausterer, Voting Machines
I. L. MacPherran, Wholesale Butter & Egg Dealer
George L. Maltby, Interurban Transportation
Earle R. Morrison, Jamestown Panel and Veneer Co.
Moss Phillips, Stock Investments
Charles F. Reilly, Jamestown Lounge
A. P. Richardson, Gurney Ball Bearing Co.
Elmer W. Sellstrom, Dahlstrom Door Co.
Floyd Sharpe, Plumber
Fred Sutton, Lindquist Electric Co.
Fred Tinkham, Wholesale Tobacco Dealer
Arthur Swan, Banker
Cyrus Wade, Shoe Dealer
Henry R. Wilbur, Wholesale Food
Charles C. Wilson, Furniture Manufacture