During the April 18 meeting of the Rotary Club of Jamestown, Rotarians were treated to a Greg Peterson interview of Paul Hoffman, a member of the St. Bonaventure 1970 basketball team that went to the NCAA Final Four. The program started with excerpts from a video about the season, interviewing all the players. Bob Lanier, who went on to star in the NBA, was the center, and the team leader that year. Unfortunately, he was injured in the regional final against Villanova, and was unable to play in the game, where SBU lost in a heartbreaker. Hoffman regaled club members with stories of his high school and college career and provided insight into the personalities who constituted the team. One of his most poignant memories was of the trip home from Buffalo to Olean after they lost. People were on their porches the whole way, welcoming them home.

PHOTO: From left are Greg Peterson of Philips Lytle, LLC, speaker Paul Hoffman, and Rotarian Phil Cala.