Robert Smith - Fire Prevention Officer for about a year. Rob also serves as the city’s Certified Code Officer and will inspect businesses to ensure compliance with fire codes. Rob conducts fire safety training in schools and businesses. He grew up in Kennedy, where he currently lives with his family and raises beef cattle, horses, pigs and honey bees. Rob served in the US Army from 2005-2012 and graduated from JCC in 2012. He joined the Jamestown Fire Department in 2015 and is a state certified EMT instructor at JCC.
Fire Prevention Training
40% of fire deaths occur in homes without alarms
$235 million in property damage is caused by fires set by children
Space heaters - Electric space heaters cause 80% of deadly fires. Should have UL labels, auto shut off, and must be place 3’ away from combustibles.
Extension cords - Should only be used for temporary purposes, do not piggy back cords.
Electrical box fires are very common. Installation of boxes within the city need to be completed by licensed electricians for commercial properties. Open junction boxes need to be covered.
Smoke/CO2 alarms - required to be in each bedroom, outside every sleeping area and on each floor by NYS since 2017. Approximately 17% of home fire deaths occur due to non functioning smoke alarms. Smoke usually kills before fire. Rob recommends the 10 year sealed combo units and interconnected alarms. City residents are eligible to receive free smoke alarms. The fire department will test current alarms. The Safety Village will test alarms for non-city residents.
Gas Stoves - Extinguish grease fires with salt, baking soda or fire extinguisher. If unable to extinguish fire - LEAVE BUILDING and call 911. Fire department will be there in 3 minutes on average.
Overloaded Outlets - know the limits of your outlets.
Egress - Please keep your avenues of egress clear of debris, to allow easy exit and entry.  
Follow up - Please contract Rob - 716-483-7597 or email -
Mark Olson - How many true true fires/year and what about condemned properties?
JFD responded to over 7,000 calls in 2020, 50 were for fires (46 fires in 2019 and 66 fires in 2018). Condemned properties typically are identified with an orange sign. JFD is working with city to develop a new color coded sign - one that identifies structurally unsound buildings, so that in the event of a fire, the department will not enter.
Becky Robbins - Are LED Xmas lights safer? Yes, they typically draw significantly less electricity and generate minimal heat.
Steve Sandberg - What are the city fire pit regulations? All recreational fires are illegal in the city. Cooking fires are okay. Also gas fired pits are okay.