One year ago, the Rotary Club of Jamestown formed a Diversity, Equity Inclusion DEI committee to raise awareness and address concerns of inclusivity with the fellowship of business, professional and community leaders. DEI originates in the founding of Rotary as it unfolded with recognizing business, professional and community leaders from different cultures and religions. From then, women were invited to join Rotary. It has been a journey to open up to all different walks of life. The journey continues as part of Rotary International’s Strategic Plan, with a new Code of Conduct that will help us all be equitable within the Rotary family as well as in the community.
The DEI committee prepared the new Code of Conduct with a series of vignettes. While the vignettes were presented, the audience had to interpret a match in the Code of Conduct. The vignettes reflected topics such as religious diversity, people with other abilities, being respectful, appropriateness while attending meetings online, appropriateness with language while speaking with others so that all understand, assumptions in touching someone and gender assuming pronouns.
Ruth Lundin, Steve Sandberg and Marion Beckerink presented the vignettes. They engaged the club members with questions. The audience identified the tenets in the Code of Conduct based on each situation. Many people participated with answers and solutions on how we all can be best at meeting ourselves in diverse situations.
A donation will be made in the DEI committees names toward vaccinating 4 children against polio.
For a detailed view of today’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion committee presentation please visit Jamestown Rotary Club on YouTube.