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Rotarily Yours - March 11, 2024
President Ruth Lundin led us in the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance and the singing of the Star-Spangled Banner.
Invocation by Tory Irgang.

Vice President Marion Beckerink introduced guests Pat Sandberg, Rhonda Johnson, and Wayne Rishell.


President Ruth asked for a round of applause for Emily Cama and her helpers for the delightful social at Bellini’s Lounge and the Duffers Golf. A great time was had by all!

Ruth announced the application for the Striders organization representative’s membership in the Club which will include the return of Kathy Benson and a young lady named Kate (sorry I didn’t get the last name) in addition to Jen Swan-Luetz.

Please keep our District Governor, Scott Marcin (who was scheduled to visit on March 18) in your thoughts as his wife has just passed away. Michelle Starwalt, District Governor Elect, will take his place next Monday.

March 26 we will have a Club Assembly and discuss the proposed budget for 2025 as well as an Auction update and reports from committee chairmen.

7090 District Conference will be April 27, north of Buffalo. Ruth is hoping we will have a good number of attendees.

Tory Irgang gave an Auction report. It’s coming up quickly (May 18) and we are lucky to have $16,000 in sponsorships already! We need people to contact the following for donations of goods or services. If you have a contact at one of these places and are willing to solicit the business, tell Mike Roberts or Vince Horrigan so we don’t have more than one person contacting a business.

Bag & String, Barmore-Sellstrom, Fancher Chair, Harley Davidson, Lakeshore Savings Bank, Landmark Restaurant, M & T Bank, Monofrax, Phoenix Metal, Rand Machine, TruckLite, and Matco Tool. Sports items such as jerseys, bobble heads, Bills or Sabres tickets are always good auction items. On-line bidding will start May 1. Get registered now at and look at the items already obtained.

Lynn Gruel invited anyone interested in participating in the opening of the Rotary Ideals Mystery Box at Brazil at 5:30 on March 20. 

The 50/50 prize of $35.00 was won by Kathy Burch.

Doug Conroe collected money from Amy & Vicki who left early. He fined Phil Cala’s table for not being able to name the 3 items associated with St. Patrick’s Day – the shamrock, the color green, and leprechauns.

Tory paid a happy buck for Marissa – David’s biggest champion.

Sharon paid in honor of Mike Roberts’ much deserved award from the Chamber of Commerce.

Mike Roberts paid for the 11 Rotarians who attended his award ceremony and for Vicki and Dan Heitzenrater for being business champions.

Ruth adjourned the meeting and reminded us to go out and CREATE HOPE IN THE WORLD.

David and Marissa Troxell - Bikes to School Project

President Ruth introduced David and Marissa Troxell who were to speak to us regarding our Bikes to School project. Helping others 

David read remarks from his heart that he had jotted down on their LONG flight home from Bangkok and I begged him for the exact copy so I could memorialize it for each and every one of you. I’ve read and reread it many times…I hope you will too. THANK YOU, DAVID!

“Good afternoon, dear friends…and I do mean that, because you are our dear friends and it’s wonderful to see you all taking time out to come here today to hear about our Club’s Bike to School project. 

You know, the more we travel the world seeing the good and the bad, the prosperity and pain…the more we realize what a splendid thing Rotary Club is. We’re not a religion or political organization…we are a kind and strong people dedicated to doing good. Both here and abroad. 

We do many things for each other as a club. We care for each other. We rejoice in each other’s happiness, and we mourn in our loss…and we care for others…many of whom we have never met. 

We have learned in this club that helping others is the way to get to know the best parts of ourselves. The Rotary Club of Jamestown has a proud history of over 100 years. Marissa and I have been associated with this Club for just 12 years or 13. And during that time we made some of our best friends and been part of some of the most meaningful Club projects. 

We know that 60% of the money that we raise in our hard-working fundraising goes to local projects. Whether it’s Bibs and Books for newborn infants, literacy training, a new sign announcing a welcome all to the city of Jamestown. Mentoring new people to enter the business world and be part of our growing community. This work, including many too numerous to mention, has defined the Rotary Club of Jamestown in its excellence.

Abroad we have been involved many years working with other Clubs in drilling wells in Haiti and supporting orphanages in Africa. Recently Greg and Sue Jones joined with Rotary Clubs in Mexico to install water filters in mountain villages.

This club has also sponsored over $40,000 worth of direct international projects in Africa, Asia, and Pakistan over the past ten years. Projects that have been lifechanging for hundreds and hundreds of people, most of them children. Should we be proud of that? Of course. But more than that we should be grateful that we have been able to share.

Service above self…if you think about it…what that really means is there some important things in my life that I’m going to give. I won’t keep them for myself…money, time skills…I will give them as service to other people in need. That’s a profound thing and believe me when we look out into the world it’s also a very special thing.

Thank You.”      David Troxell

On to David and Marissa’s program…

PLEASE, take the time to watch the ZOOM recording of our meeting which will include ALL the pertinent information and wonderful photographs of the 1,171 bicycles that were given away to children in Cambodia over three days.

Our Club, the Rotary Club of Jamestown, NY, was proud to partner with the Sentosa Rotary Club of Singapore to repair and refurbish the more than 1,100 bicycles with new seats, handlebars, and baskets in addition to repainting them in Rotary’s blue and gold colors, each sporting a plaque with the name of the donor.

Education is highly valued in Cambodia and the children must pay for and wear a uniform and shoes in addition to paying for their books. Many of the children walk many miles to get to school, so a bicycle is very precious. The bicycles were distributed based upon the students who lived farthest from school and had the highest grades.

It was fun to see the celebration of the distribution that included a traditional tree planting as well as the costumes and dances of their culture. David and Marissa were also honored to meet the District Governor who is responsible for clubs on 20 different islands. He receives a $30,000 stipend to enable him to travel to visit these clubs, which he donated back. The presentation, held at the State Teachers College also included a speech by the Cambodia Secretary of Education.

David stated it was heartwarming to think about the hundreds and hundreds of people on this globe who have benefited from the generosity of the Rotary Club of Jamestown, NY.

Again – I urge you to watch the video ZOOM!