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August 15, 2022 - Rotary Meeting

Today’s Chairman: President John Healy led the 4 Way Test

Weather: Uneventful

Invocation: Thank you Sue Jones for bringing us a prayer that encouraged us to not only pray on things, but to also do what we can to find paths to peace, resources to feed the world, etc. 

Visiting Rotarians and Guests: President Elect Ruth Lundin announced the guests: Evan Grey, guest of Max Eimiller; Jomar Gomez, guest of Joanna Dahlbeck; and Sean Jones, guest of Chris Anderson

Announcements: Thanks to Communications Committee for Rotarily Yours and keeping club informed! 

The 27th Rotary Charity Golf Classic: Only have 11 teams and NEED 20! Please sign up today! August 29th!

Sign-up for 50/50 help if you can please. 

Rotary Board Meeting August 19th at Gebbie Foundation

Rotary Leadership Institute is having their virtual leadership development classes. Sign-ups see John Healy. Great opportunity!

Gift of Life chocolate sale raised $5000 in our district to support cardiac surgery for 2 children!!! 

50/50 DRAWING - $50 won by Irene Dobies!


Mark Olson seeded the pot for leaving early. Becky Robbins and Kevin (Sixbey?) paid fines for missing meetings 

Becky Robbins pictured in paper explaining backwater and backflow protector. She was also pictured for St. Susan's Center which raised $26,698.15 for their campaign! Also pictured for the Jamestown tree power program. Becky walked away penniless (LOL)! Becky thanked Special Sponsors for the Cents for St. Susan's. 

Max Eimiller didn't have his button. Uh oh! Tory Irgang is going to be accountable for that. Max's brother Sam pictured in paper for All-Stars 100 meter hurdles. 

Ruth Lundin pictured with Paul Hedberg and Chautauqua Region Community Foundation regarding the upcoming John D. Hamilton Award presentation!

Trivia too based on Rotarian Magazine. Doug Conroe encouraged us to read. 

Happy Bucks!

Ruth Lundin - paid a buck and thanked Dewey Jones for helping out today. Also a buck for the donated items for foreign students at JCC. Enough for each student! And $5 for the John D. Hamilton Award.

Diana Meckley - $5 for wrapping up Summer Leap program. 15 volunteers put over 25 hours in over 10 day period. Also a big thank you to Mary Schiller for her involvement in Literacy Committee. Provided over 700 books for their Laundromat Literacy Program from the Gulotti family. And a thank you to Mike Roberts for storage space at Allied Alarm building. Thanked Irene Dobies who went to the Ashville Library to get books. And then just a bonus buck.

Dan Heitzenrater - thanked those who came out for the Jamestown Cruise. Big crowds. 

Amy Rohler - paid a buck to thank John Healy for starting the Star Spangled Banner in a key she can sing in! 

Denise Jones - buck for the TRC happy campers at the campfire. And Chris Anderson a buck for our new exchange student! 

Tory Irgang - John D Hamilton, and recognized those in attendance who received it before as well as Ruth Lundin and Paul Hedberg.


Retool '22 Conference

Becky Robbins introduced Ellen Ditonto, who is a Chautauqua County native who has held a number of positions locally in higher education, government and utilities. 

Ellen started in technology services at Jamestown Community College where she was the first instructional computing director. In County government, she was the first Chief Information Officer at a time when server-based programs were starting to be implemented across county agencies. She connected 23 county government sites together with fiber services and helped local leaders understand that network connectivity was as important as other infrastructure services. 

She worked as Director of Sales and Business Development at DFT Communications for several years before returning to JCC. She became the Executive Director of the Faculty Student Association. 

Ellen is now employed at the BPU as their Business Development Coordinator. She is working with many economic development partners and organizations in southern Chautauqua County to help retain and attract new businesses and to promote the region - especially Jamestown where we enjoy low-cost utilities and reliable services. A large focus of her position now is the Retool WNY Initiative, based on a $750,000 grant from the New York State Research and Development Authority (known as NYSERDA). The multi-year grant is targeted at regional manufacturers, educators and business support organizations. The BPU is working to help them learn about the economic opportunities in the clean tech/climate tech sector. The BPU hopes to transform the region into a hub to support the supply chain in alternative energy areas and to develop a work force that can support these new technologies. 

The Retool'22 conference for manufacturers, scheduled for October 17-19, in downtown Jamestown was the focus of Ellen's presentation. 

Ellen reiterated that the $750,000 grant they received was targeted at regional manufacturing, clean energy. "Build it Clean, Build it Here".

16 organizations have partnered with the BPU which could help change the trajectory of the economy of Western New York. Also helps in raising awareness of Climate Tech/Clean Tech which is helping to spark innovations. You can find out more by visiting

As for the Retool'22 conference for manufacturers; New York State has set aggressive targets to decarbonize the economy, driving the need for significant changes in industry and creating once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for manufacturing. Please save the date October 17-19 and register at