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WESTFIELD / MAYVILLE — Currently meeting on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 5pm via ZOOM. Contact Janese Berkhouse at 716-397-8801 for Zoom details.
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Rotarily Yours - February 26, 2024

Today’s Chair:  President Ruth Lundin called the noon meeting to order on Monday, February 26, 2024, followed by a club recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, and singing the national anthem.

Invocation: Sharon Hamilton

Visiting Rotarians and Guests: President-elect Marion Beckerink welcomed guests, the “Weber Knapp family,” including Rhonda Johnson and Wayne Rishel. Marion then welcomed back a guest who is now a prospective member, Jason Sample.


President Lundin announced that Patricia Graves and Jason Sample have been approved by the Membership Committee and the Board of Directors for membership. Club members are now invited to present any objections in writing if appropriate.

Vince Horrigan called for 30 live auction items and more silent auction items for the upcoming Rotary Auction Fundraiser, whose website will go live on May 1 for absentee, online silent auction items, preceding the live auction at Moonbrook on May 18. Live bidding will start at the highest online bid value. Registration (available on the club website) for bidding is required and will open on April 1. Tickets are also available on the website. Purchase early, tickets as they may be sold out soon. Sponsors have already purchased 70.

Diana Meckley invited more sign-ups for the upcoming Farch celebration at Chautauqua Suites, which will also include Mayville-Westfield Rotary Club members.

On Wednesday, March 20, club members are invited to come to the Bush School to support the 4-H and Cornell Cooperative Extension 45-minute personal, life-experience and reading initiative by reading contributed books with students. The book title will be “I Love Strawberries,” a sweet experience everyone can identify with.

Budget preparations for next year (2024-2025) are now underway, according to President Lundin, committee chairs are requested to submit budget-impact information and proposals by March 8.

Increases have been announced by Rotary International. As a result, $159.50 of the previously adopted $160 per year dues will leave only $0.50 for the local club. This makes the upcoming budget development very important for everyone’s consideration.

The recent membership survey (32 responses recorded) indicated a preferred meeting start time of 12:0 5 PM and ending at 1:00 p.m.

The club will not meet on March 4, the next meeting is slated for March 11.

50/50 Drawing:  Conducted by new Member, Zach Agett. Marion Beckerink won! Marion donated her 50/50 winnings back to the club in honor of the club members who bravely and generously participated in the “Coldest Night of the Year Walk” last week, making the club the event’s largest fundraiser. 

Sergeant at Arms: Doug Conroe, honoring new dignitary Lisa Goodell, the un-disruptive Becky Robbins, and David Painter’s 10-month-old (ancient!) Irish Pub.

Happy Bucks:  noted Mike Roberts being honored by Chaut. Co. Chamber of Commerce. Vince Horrigan honored Andy Goodell for his long, devoted service in the NY State Assembly from which he is now retiring. Dan Heitzenrater and Sue Jones recognized Mike Roberts’ “Service to Humanity” award, along with a long list of additionally outstanding Jamestown individuals and their businesses, awards to be presented next week.

President Ruth Lundin concluded the meeting with a recitation in unison of the Rotary Four-way Test. Meeting ended at 1 PM recalling the Rotary theme of “Creating Hope in the World.”

George Harper - Science Friday

President Lundin and introduced today’s speaker, George Harper, a new member of the club, a biology baccalaureate graduate of SUNY Fredonia, with a biology PhD from University of North Carolina. Later, as a professor at Hendrix College, he established the Hendrix Science Communication Initiative to promote effective science communication. At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic Georgia has wife Jennifer (also a club member) moved to the greater Jamestown area where George served at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute, and then in August 2023 accepted that the position of Stewardship Manager at Science Friday, a job involved in financial and donor support of the program.

George began by describing a strong resonance between the goals of Science Friday and Rotary International in their shared commitment to making significant changes for good in the world. Science Friday is a weekly, two-hour radio program founded in 1991 [as a 501(c)(3)] by Ira Flatow, now aired on nearly 500 stations across the nation to present new and important scientific information to the public. It is an engaging, conversational presentation of scientists engaged in important projects of discovery. Locally the program is heard on Saturday afternoon (1-3) and Friday night (10-12) on WBFO/WUBJ.

The program’s mission was to present science in a way that would make it engaging, accessible, and useful in everyday life and conversations. Science Friday’s stated values, George explained, are nearly identical to Rotary’s Four-Way Test, focusing on Integrity, Honesty, Community, and Trust, along with the additional values of Innovation, Curiosity, and Equity. With science deeply involved in every aspect of life, Science Friday’s values are also strongly consistent with and harmonious with Rotary International’s Seven Causes. George then presented a point-by-point, stepwise explanation of how Science Friday promotes all of Rotary’s causes, from promoting peace, health, resource management, maternal and child wellness, education, economy and infrastructure, AI, and environmental stewardship. These concepts do not only describe past activities, but potentials for future progress by Rotary and for our relevance in the world to come. George and Ira suggest we have a blank check to invest in the future. Our challenge is to do it wisely and well, beyond words and good intentions, focused on purposeful action. Let Science Friday stand out among our most valuable resources in science communication.

As for all of Rotary’s guest speakers, President Lundin shared that a donation in George’s name will be made to Rotary’s worldwide End Polio initiative, assuring that four children will never contract that soon-to-be-extinct disease.