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Welcome to our Club!


Service Above Self

We meet Mondays at 12:00 PM
Robert H. Jackson Center
305 East Fourth Street
Jamestown, NY  14701
United States
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Once again over two dozen Rotarians happily donate and hour or two to help out with the Salvation Army Red Kettle Fund raising effort. It is such a good project  for an organization that goes all out to help people in need, the time spend flies by and you always go home with a good feeling that in your own small way you helped.
Some of our volunteers.
Katie Geise
Dick & Ginny Bremer (Vicki McGraw's parents)
Greg Jones                                     
John Lloyd
Ollie Erickson



Once again under the leadership of Steve Sandberg, vocational committee chair along with Kim Sutter from the JHS Vocational Services Committee our club conducted a mock interview role playing experience with JHS students. Most of the students were around fifteen years old and for many it was their first experience asking for a job and sitting across from a completed stranger. The pretend application was for part time work at Tim Horton’s and the goal is to get them comfortable in a job interview situation and hopefully give them some useful tips in how to be successful when they do it for real.

This was my second year doing this and it is great fun meeting many very nice young students just starting out in life with all the challenges and rewards that they will encounter. Hopefully their time with us will help them in the future as they compete for positions in the job market.

Matthew Van de Vorde. Ruth Lundin, Cassandra Brigham

and Sharon Hamilton with the student job applicants


A short 4 minute video which highlights the progress towards a polio free world which all started with the Rotary International Program "End Polio Now". It may happen in 2015 or maybe not until 2018 but we will make it!!!!!!

The district conference is a great place to learn more about Rotary, have fun and make new friends such as Sharon Hamilton with District Governor Jack Amico,Todd Allen, exchange student Laja Dorrimg and Lisa Yaggie. Next years conference is in Holiday Valley and that will be a great venue!! Plan ahead.




Christine Wanderoild of France is the newest member of the Jamestown Rotary Club.  Christine holds a business degree and worked for twenty-two years in multiple management positions at HP/Hewlett-Packard in France.  In 2010, when her family relocated within France due to her husband’s job, she went back to school to earn a degree in dietetics.  Prior to moving to the United States, Christine had planned to open a dietetics office in France to treat nutritional deficiencies and to serve children with difficulties in school.


The Wanderoilds recently moved to the Jamestown Area in order that Christine’s husband, Pascal, could be named Plant Manager of our SKF facility.   Christine will serve the community as a member of our Rotary Club.

Ollie Erickson with Christine and president Todd Allen




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Rotary AIDS day event turns spotlight on world’s deadliest infectious disease
The recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the worst ever, has claimed several thousand lives and generated worldwide concern. But its impact pales in comparison to that of AIDS, which, despite advances in treatment, still kills more than a million people a year, the majority of them in Africa. "Even with the Ebola outbreak at its worst expected levels, it's never going to reach what we've seen with the HIV/AIDS epidemic," said Dr. Timothy B. Erickson, director of the Center for Global Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago, speaking at Rotary's World AIDS Day event in Evanston on 1...
Statement by Rotary International on the deadly school attack in Pakistan
Rotary International condemns the horrific attack that killed more than 130 schoolchildren and wounded over 100 of their classmates in Peshawar, Pakistan. We believe that children everywhere have the basic right to receive an education in an environment unthreatened by violence or fear. Rotary extends our heartfelt sympathy to all of the families in Pakistan, including those of seven Rotary members, who have lost children as a result of this unfathomable tragedy. We stand with them in mourning their loss. Gary C.K. Huang, PresidentRotary International
Indoor air pollution linked to millions of deaths
After decades dreaming about the Himalayas, Rotary member George Basch went on his first trek through the mountains in 2001, when he was 64. A member of the Rotary Club of Taos-Melagro in New Mexico, USA, Basch found that the experience was even more than he had hoped. "My expectations were high, and dramatically exceeded," he remembers. But a less-than-pleasant aspect of the experience was the indoor smoke pollution he encountered in the guest houses and private homes he visited. Many families in the Himalayas use rudimentary cookstoves or, in some cases, an open fire pit inside the home to...
Rotary staff members bond over Miles to End Polio bike ride
For six staff members from Rotary headquarters in Evanston, the fight to eradicate polio has become personal. Together, they biked the physically grueling 104-mile (167-kilometer) Tour de Tucson in Arizona, USA, collectively raising more than $20,000 for polio eradication while putting their bodies and minds through a feat of endurance. For the tightknit group, the experience was about more than just raising money and crossing the finish line. It was about learning about each other and what Rotary members are doing to rid the world of this crippling disease. They advocated together, trained...
How a simple school project in India became a global grant
Two years ago, U.S. Rotary members in Maine set out to improve the education system in Bikaner, Rajasthan, an Indian city near the border of Pakistan. The Rotary Club of Kennebunk Portside chose Bikaner because club member Rohit Mehta was originally from the area and had connections there. Mehta put the club in contact with Rotarians in India to provide desks for four government-run schools. But when community leaders returned with a request for more desks, the Maine Rotarians decided they had to think bigger. The Rotary Foundation had rolled out its new grant model, which required that the...


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